Where in the heck did Michelle go?

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Hi!!!!!  See, I told you I wasn’t dead. Though my absence has been a bit extended, I’ve been busy working on an upcoming project. I promised some news, so let’s get right down to brass tacks shall we? (Brass Tacks…. I need to look up the etymology of that phrase)


I’m working on a short story from John’s POV for an upcoming anthology that will be coming out this fall!  I’m super excited about this project, as the proceeds go to benefit veterans!  I’ll post more info and promo stuff for it as the time approaches,  just know that the money is going to a GREAT cause!  I’m beyond excited about it!  Plus, it gives some of y’all what you’ve been begging for…. a look deeper into John’s mind. The writing is slow going, because let’s be honest, John is not an easy mind to be inside of. He is dealing with a lot of demons. As such, I have to write in fits and starts in order to maintain my own tenuous sanity.  It’s going to be more serious than the rest of the Maggie series has been, but I think his issues deserve to be examined in a serious manner.

Aside from the short story coming out, I’ll be working on the next and probably final Maggie book for a while.  The next story will revolve around a wife carrying competition and get a closer look at the Deacon, Maggie, John situation. I’m honestly not sure when this one will be coming out. There might be quite a wait for it, but I promise when you finally get it the wait will be worth it.

I savored writing the last book, taking my time to really listen to the characters and slowly unveal the story and I really enoyed that process. In a world where the pressure is on to produce, produce, produce, I got sucked into the insanity and almost gave up writing altogether. So, after a long and extensive chat with my amazing editor and my original betas…. I’ve decided to give up the rat race. Instead, I’m going to return to what I love most, telling a fantastic story. What does that mean exactly? It means I have no real concrete release date for the next book, nor will I for a long time. It might be a year from now, I’m not going to lie.  Or, it could dig it’s claws in me and I’ll have it ready in six months.  Either way, when it is ready, it will be the best book I’ve ever written, because I’m determined to give it the love and attention it deserves.

What happens after the Maggie series is done? I’m not really sure. I have another story that’s been in my mind for the past three years, but it is an EPIC fantasy novel that will take an abundance of world building, research, and hardcore dedication. All of which means I won’t have that story ready for the forseeable future.


Now we come to the root of the writing issues…  I almost gave up completely about three months ago. Advertising wasn’t working, promos didn’t seem to matter, I just can’t find traction in the industry… and all of it was incredibly disheartening. Until I stopped, took a look at all I’ve accomplished and what I set out to do in the first place. My goal was never to be a bestselling author. My goal was to write a story that mattered to someone, that helped them overcome adversity or face their fears…. and I’ve done that. I accomplished that goal, and getting wrapped up in the insanity of the business side almost made me forget that.  So, after long talks with my editor and my husband, I decided to scale back to what I started out with. I decided to worry more about the books and less about the numbers and treat this like what it really is…. something to help me maintain my sanity. Writing is the best medicine I could ever take, it renews my spirit, allows me to focus on issues I feel strongly about, and allows me to escape into another place and time leaving all of my worries behind.

I’m not going to throw in the towel, nor am I going forget what matters… you the reader. I promise to finish the stories I’ve started and give you the stories you deserve (well fleshed out, true to my heart, hair-brained adventures).  You are the reason I really keep going… the messages, reviews, I can’t tell you enough what it means to me to see those words of encouragement. I think in anything, we as humans always have self-doubt, so those little nuggets of reassurance are my life raft in rough seas!  I love y’all…. more than you know!


Some of y’all probably know, but if you don’t… WE LIVE IN GERMANY NOW!!!!! My husband, the Army man, got us all shipped over here to live a once in a lifetime experience (Well, twice for me, thanks dad!!!). We’ve been incredibly busy trying to see ALL the things.  Trust me, we never will, but we’re trying really hard!  Every weekend, we are heading off to a new and interesting place. We’ve been to France, all over Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech, Slovenia, Slovakia…. and our list just keeps getting longer.  I’m loving it, but to be honest, I have almost no time to write between planning out trips and actually taking them.  I know, I know, what a terrible problem to have.  Trust me, I’m not complaining… nor am I attempting to be braggadocious.  Really, I just want y’all to know I’m not trying to skimp out on my writing, but I can’t miss a single second of this opportunity.  Six months have already flown by and we are only guaranteed two and a half more years here… while that seems like a lot, I promise it isn’t.  Europe  has too much to see.  Pahahahaha.


Books are coming… I promise… but I only have two in the works for now.

Life is complicated, but takes you down wondrous roads you never expected… look out for those opportunities and sieze them whenever possible.

Europe is a serious distraction from my writing… but I promise it is giving me loads of story inspiration for the future.

I have the best, most understanding readers on the planet and I don’t take y’all for granted for a second. I cherish each and every one of you more than you will ever know!

So, now that I’ve talked your ears off for the past however long… I’ll leave you with this: Simply, thank you!

Michelle Graves


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  1. Anne-Marie

    Your husband and daughter come first….you know I have always said that! You are an amazing author and we love your books but you also have a life and family outside of your job….so enjoy them! Who cares if you don’t give us another book for a while….you deserve the time to live your life and explore your new home. I know I for one love seeing your pictures and reading about your adventures.
    The book on John’s POV sounds like it’s going to be great….I’ll be waiting patiently for that….in the mean time you need to do what is best for you. Stop and smell the roses or Germany’s state flower the cornflower knappweed (had to look it up) anyways you get what I mean…take care of yourself and your family. Your fans will always be here…enjoy your time too many of us are living precariously through you and your adventures.

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